Madam An Restaurant – Bar

– Restaurant & Cafe Bar.
– Bar overlooking the old City.
– Garden restaurant.
– Banquet.
– Outdoor barbecue.

– Car transfer to airport/ train station
– Car transfer to Danang airport/ train station : Best price with 4 seats, 7 seats, 16 seats and 35 seats.

Transportation service

My Son Holyland

Depart at 8.00 am or 13pm from your hotel to My Son, a world Heritage site,40km southwest of Hoi An. Located in a lush gallery, My Son was a capital and religious center of Cham people, with red brick towers and sanctuaries, considered to be in the same league as some of southeast Asia’s greatest archaeological sites, including Angkor – Wat in Cambodia, Bagan in Myanmar, Ayutthaya in thailand and Borobudur in Indonesia. These towers and Sanctuaries were built from the to 12 centuries. finish tour at your hotel.

Tra que vegetable village

Start at 8:00am from our office – Return at 10:00am
This bicycle tour takes you through the nearby countryside of Hoi An to the well – known Tra Qué Herb Village.
Here you will see the farmers working their fields,and you will discover the cultivation of the different varieties of aromatic herbs grown in the region, and widely used in Vietnamese cuisine, The tour takes you across rice fields, where you will meet the few remaining families that continue to make the noodles that are an important ingredient in the famous Cao Lau noodle dish — a culinary specialty of Hoi An.
This 10km (6 mile) tour is enjoyable for the entire family, as it takes you over flat, easily cycled trails. choose the evening tour to experience the magnificent sunset over the rice fields.



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The cham Islands

There are seven islands altogether, named according to their shape or characteristics. They are called Lao (pear), Dai (long), La (leaf), Kho (dry), Tai (ear), Mo (tomb), and Nom (East wind). They have a good climate, always cool the year round, and tress and animals are plentiful here, as well as marine life. one the island there are precious bird nests while under the water, the coral is marvelous. There are also scenic spots al around the island, such as sufi ting (love stream), suoi one (Sir’s Strean), Hon chong(Piles up rocks), Hang Ba(The Lady’s Cave). And surrounding the island are very nice beaches with clean white sand and transparent, cool water.



Phone:+ 84 0235.3916579